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You can lose all the weight in the world and it will never be enough.
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I just want to purge please & thank you.



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*cries about food then eats more food*

            “The last time we spoke, I curled up so small , I became your lap dog. Whimpering over the 1,000 times I told you , “We can’t do this anymore”, over the 100 times I cried, “What in the world happened to us?”, over the one time I spite out your name and ended the sentence with “I hate you”. In that moment I meant it. My lungs exhaled so violently I thought I saw your hair move. My spin turned me around, sat me up but my feet had a hard time catching up. You weren’t expecting it and honestly, neither was I. In the time it took for me to realize what I had said, I was already right hand extended, already reaching for the door while you followed so closely, I thought I’d never get away. But you stopped in shocked. I turn back while I shut the door. Saw you standing there arms grasping for my body, feet staggered and eyes colored red. I’ll never forget the rush of adrenaline that spiked my veins. Sorry, I’ll never forget the amount of times my adrenaline leaked out of my glands during the 8 months we were together; cursing me out because I was never able to move. The last time we spoke, was the first time I got away.” 

You never know how sick you are until you try to recover.

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This is incredibly accurate and magnificently timed

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